Hi, I had taken this informal Stanford machine learning course last year, and since my GSoC finally got over I thought I would take it a bit more seriously. The Machine Learning course was in octave, and I started implementing a few algorithms using Python and Numpy. Here are a few must now concepts that […]

All of us know that git is quite a useful tool. However the smallest of mistakes, can make something drastically go wrong, and we (atleast I) would be blaming git for something useless that I did. Here are a few commands that I found useful from quite a few links. Hope you find them useful […]

It all began sometime during this February/March when I had nothing to do (I almost have nothing to do always) and people around me were doing cool stuff, when I thought of giving GSoC a shot. (I had initially thought GSoC was for people who knew ten programming languages before they were born, or who […]

Hi, I finally managed to do some amount of work for the past ten days, and I’m happy to day that all that I had wanted to do this GSoC has been pushed in and I’m waiting for comments on my final Pull Request. These were the changes that I had made. 1. Making stuff […]

Hi, Sorry for the late post this week. I couldn’t do much of work last week, but I did manage to write some code. First of all, I managed to get the lie group hint finally in.  The Pull Request can be seen here, https://github.com/sympy/sympy/pull/2359 . Its nice to see the work that you have […]

Hi, this week I decided to take a break from my actual GSoC project, and work on things that would indirectly some parts of my GSoC project. Firstly, I discovered this bug, when I was playing with the lie group solver, https://code.google.com/p/sympy/issues/detail?id=3976 . I thought I could fix it myself, but the source code of […]

Hi, this week started with two of my previous PR’s getting merged (finally). 1.  The heuristics PR – https://github.com/sympy/sympy/pull/2308 2. The variable coefficient PDE – https://github.com/sympy/sympy/pull/2346 I started working on the integration of the infinitesimals to the present dsolve architecture. Before telling about the issues I ran into (a number of them actually), let me […]

Hi,  I passed the midterm evaluations of GSoC, this is what I have accomplished till now. 1] Built the basic infrastructure of the pde module, and added hints that could solve general Partial Differential Equations with constant coefficients 2] Added a function, infinitesimals , that would try to find out the required infinitesimals of any […]

Hello, before I blog about my SymPy work, its going to be an exciting new semester in college (I hope) , and a set of new interesting courses (or courses with interesting names atleast) to be bunked. Last semester, just flew away,  I have the faintest idea of what happened , and I’m just hoping […]

Hi, If you had read my rant on my previous post and the posts before that too, you would have realized my frustration with the Maple Paper. Thankfully Raoul gave me a series of research papers, which gave a more logical way of calculating the infinitesimals. Also, I had been on a “vacation” for four […]