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The end of a journey

It all began sometime during this February/March when I had nothing to do (I almost have nothing to do always) and people around me were doing cool stuff, when I thought of giving GSoC a shot. (I had initially thought GSoC was for people who knew ten programming languages before they were born, or who […]

Towards the end

Hi, I finally managed to do some amount of work for the past ten days, and I’m happy to day that all that I had wanted to do this GSoC has been pushed in and I’m waiting for comments on my final Pull Request. These were the changes that I had made. 1. Making stuff […]

Moving on to power series methods

Hi, Sorry for the late post this week. I couldn’t do much of work last week, but I did manage to write some code. First of all, I managed to get the lie group hint finally in.  The Pull Request can be seen here, . Its nice to see the work that you have […]

Slow Progress

Hi, this week I decided to take a break from my actual GSoC project, and work on things that would indirectly some parts of my GSoC project. Firstly, I discovered this bug, when I was playing with the lie group solver, . I thought I could fix it myself, but the source code of […]

Lie Group hint for SymPy

Hi, this week started with two of my previous PR’s getting merged (finally). 1.  The heuristics PR – 2. The variable coefficient PDE – I started working on the integration of the infinitesimals to the present dsolve architecture. Before telling about the issues I ran into (a number of them actually), let me […]

GSoC – Mid term report

Hi,  I passed the midterm evaluations of GSoC, this is what I have accomplished till now. 1] Built the basic infrastructure of the pde module, and added hints that could solve general Partial Differential Equations with constant coefficients 2] Added a function, infinitesimals , that would try to find out the required infinitesimals of any […]

Half the “summer” gone by

Hello, before I blog about my SymPy work, its going to be an exciting new semester in college (I hope) , and a set of new interesting courses (or courses with interesting names atleast) to be bunked. Last semester, just flew away,  I have the faintest idea of what happened , and I’m just hoping […]

Back on track, hopefully

Hi, If you had read my rant on my previous post and the posts before that too, you would have realized my frustration with the Maple Paper. Thankfully Raoul gave me a series of research papers, which gave a more logical way of calculating the infinitesimals. Also, I had been on a “vacation” for four […]

Stuck in the guessing game

Hello. I had thought that at the time of writing this post, I would have comfortably finished the sixth heuristic. However the Maple paper hasn’t been kind to me, because not knowing how to implement an algorithm is tough enough, but not knowing what the algorithm is, is hell. The good part (?)  is that […]

The guessing game (still) continues

Hello, before I go on with my weekly update, I would like to say that I’m really struggling to find good names for each of my blog posts. As you know, I’m not a really creative person, and Week 1, Week 2 and so sound so mainstream, so I decided to add a “still” , […]