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The end of a journey

It all began sometime during this February/March when I had nothing to do (I almost have nothing to do always) and people around me were doing cool stuff, when I thought of giving GSoC a shot. (I had initially thought GSoC was for people who knew ten programming languages before they were born, or who […]

Memories reloaded

May 25 2011: JEE results out. After the initial happiness on seeing the result , it turned to almost sorrow. Why? I had got a 6k rank , and for that I could get only stuff like mining and mineral engineering. Nevertheless , I did think of applying for counselling. May 27 2011: It was […]

A nut or a bolt?

Well,I haven’t posted any non-pythonic stuff till now,and one of my seniors posted about his experience in our department and it fueled me to do the same [Decent way of saying copied idea] . It was almost a month since I had gone to college , and people around me kept saying that they had […]