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Positioning of widgets in PyQt4

A short note on positioning of widgets in PyQt4 . Let say you have a layout , a button and few labels. If I press a button and a label should become invisible , your code should look something like this. The problem with this however is , it automatically repositions your labels such that […]

Threading in PyQt4

Hello Everyone , I will explain on how to create a rotating circle using the concept of multithreading , qraphicsscene aand qgraphicsview. I struggled a lot to get the syntax( noobish I know) , but this is just to ensure no-one suffers the same. We will be inheriting QtGui.QWidget , to create the basic user […]

PyQt4 Notes – 1

Here are a few code snippets I had to search for . This is for my future reference and for any one who might needing it. 1 . First of all , a simple concept that I did not understand before.   2 . And I had just started this thing called QtGraphicsView . It […]

Play Hangman using python

Since I was bored , I wanted to write a script to build a simple version of Hangman using PyQt4. The logic (of course) wasn’t that difficult , however finding syntax for certain parts of the program was difficult , so I thought this post should save time , for those needing the syntax as […]