Slow Progress

Hi, this week I decided to take a break from my actual GSoC project, and work on things that would indirectly some parts of my GSoC project.

Firstly, I discovered this bug, when I was playing with the lie group solver, . I thought I could fix it myself, but the source code of solve seemed to be a bit too dense for me to comprehend, or atleast within a couple of days. Anyway as I was playing with the source code, I found another bug in solve_linear. This time however someone I found out what actually was wrong and managed to open a Pull Request to it . The problem was that, solve_linear(y - Integral(f(x), y)) was giving (y, Integral(f(x), y)/(-f(x) + 1)) rather than (y, 0) . I managed to implement a quick hack that would get around the issue, though it had me atleast thinking for two hours.

Secondly the issue with Integral subs, I read thoroughly the discussion on the issue, and the respective Pull request , and I tried fixing the issue, . There seems to be a lot of test failures, so I am waiting for reviews on the PR, to see if my approach is right, before attempting to fix the failures.

Thirdly, the lie group hint is almost ready to go in, just a few major tweaks here and there and a final yes by Sean.

Finally, it seems that my exams are on September 14, so I need atleast five days before, so that I can pass them without any backlogs. And also I found a bit of time to clean up a bit, on some minor stuff I was “working” on last year . Contributors to the repository are welcome 🙂 . That’s it for now, I guess.


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