Monthly Archives: June 2013

The guessing game continues

So, I started my week trying my best to figure out how to implement the third heuristic, given the fact that the Maple paper gave me no clue, on how do to it. I had also posted these questions on Math Stack and Math Overflow. 1. 2. The answer to the first question [1] was […]

Algebraicity, dsolve and core SymPy

Hello, the previous week I had learnt a lot, especially the fact that contributing to an open source project is lot more than just coding. Also the fact that Summer of Code is full of ups and downs, just one week into the program and I’ve experienced both. As usual, a short(?) summary about what […]

The first heuristic

My GSoC work had been on and off, and I’m nowhere near the required 40 hours for the past one week, due to various reasons. However this is a report of what I had accomplished during the past week. The lie group solver for solving Ordinary Differential Equations of the first order, requires as one […]

Solving general PDE’s in SymPy

Hello, I have decided to start my official work for my GSoC project. This post would be slightly TL;DR , so please bear with me. 1. The first step was to wrap up the work on my previous PR, I had added a hint such that SymPy can now solve general partial differential equations with […]