GSoC 2013 with SymPy

Hello. I’ve been lucky enough to be selected to do a project this summer for Sympy. This would be the project proposal that I would be working on, Improved ODE Solver in SymPy and my mentor would be Sean Vig. The application process itself was a good learning experience for me, fixing bugs and adding enhancements and was probably one of the reasons I got selected. I hope to increase my programming abilities and contribute in a much bigger way this summer and work toward the development of SymPy. This would be my SymPy blog too, and I would posting atleast one update every week.



  1. congrats !!! It would be great of you if you could share some tips for the noobs. I’m presently in first year, i would like to participate in GSOC 2014.

  2. Hello, Hey I am a noob too. But coming back to your question. Its probably too early right now. What I would advice you to do is to be comfortable atleast in one programming language.

    1. Look at the organisations list and see what conforms to your skillset. If you are interested in working for any organisation in particular, then develop your skillset according to that organisation.

    2. Introduce yourself on the mailing list and they would usually lead you to a list of bugs, which you can try and fix.

    [These two you can do any time]

    3. Write a project proposal according to the ideas given in the org homepage, Keep getting advice from your mentor. [This usually done 2-3 weeks before GSoC application period starts]

    This is all that I can say generally, If you have any specific doubts feel free to comment here.

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