Memories reloaded

May 25 2011: JEE results out. After the initial happiness on seeing the result , it turned to almost sorrow. Why? I had got a 6k rank , and for that I could get only stuff like mining and mineral engineering. Nevertheless , I did think of applying for counselling.

May 27 2011: It was the day of BITSAT. I had hardly touched any book after IIT-JEE and was spending one month sleeping after the results were out. I knew it would be an uphill task , considering that fact. However I was aiming for a score of 300 , which seemed seriously impossible at that moment. 3 hours of ordeal had ended. My computer screen read “Your score is 310 (it later got revised to 314)” .  wOOt . I turned around and looked at the monitors around me.I could see scores like 213 , 218 , 324 (ah! screw him) ,  definitely one of the happiest moments of my life!

July 10 2011: The final allotment of IIT had come out. It said “Congratulations!!! You have been alloted Biochemical Engineering in IT-BHU Varanasi” . I could sense sarcasm .  But still the IIT tag lured me.  I was short-sighted by the “I-f***ing-hard-worked-for-JEE-why-would-I-even-try-for-other-institutes” attitude to which my father said “You-f***ing-hard-tried-for-JEE-why-would-you-want-to-f***-the-rest-of-your-life-studying-something-your-not-interested-in” . My father knew better , after all he is a biologist.

July 28 2011: “Go left and then take right” – I was directed to my room by a helpful senior . On the small chit of paper , it was written AH-6 137 , my home for the next 3.5 years . Yes , I had chosen mechanical engineering in BITS – Goa . Frankly speaking I never knew such a college existed before BITSAT , but it had BITS before and GOA after , and that was good enough for me.  I had a look at my room , and instantly fell in love with it.

Rest of 2011 :

Classes had started. My mom and dad had left back to Chennai , leaving me a bit emotional but what made me more emotional (read  I-want-to-break-your-bones type of emotion) was when relatives asked my mom “Why did you send him to Goa , if you had wanted I could have got him a seat at XYZ College of Engineering ” . That will surely piss any IITian or BITSian off.

I was sincere in acads , for the first few months , not bunking even a single class , and studying 2-3 hours everyday (screw me for that) , not for getting marks but just because I was interested in the subjects. Then one day as I was looking through my Mechanics book , my friend told me “Dude T1 is a long way ahead , why are you studying from now only” . So that made me think a bit. The thing that we read from books has limited use in real life. Me in real life , I was almost nowhere . Syllabus even in national universities is outdated and if you want to be someone in real life , you’ve got to learn stuff on your own.

Then we had Zephyr – our inter hostel competition . It was purely awesome fun. First year-rites in our hostel are quite limited around 60.It was a nice platform to know each other better. Most of the time (except for major stuff like music and dance) ,we would decide who would participate in the events i the last half-hour only. A nice experience . The biggest event of all , Waves happened in November . It was good to handle lights and help the seniors of the Department of Backstage out. Special nights (especially DJ-Nite) were out of the world.

Sem exams (also known as comprehensive) , when most students flock to the library , to cram up some last minute stuff , so that they can get ave+ , and get a decent gpa. In this respect there is absolutely no difference between school and college. Probably the papers are a bit tougher , (read getting 60% = god-like) , but it is the same rat-race to notch up top class grades. Holidays are such a relief , after almost 15 days of cramming , I spent the whole of my holidays , thinking of whether to do something or not , and ended up doing nothing.


2012 .2nd semester had started. Quark was good , I had contributed in a small way to Arnav Goel’s project about dipoles. I also helped in small ways to the Python-app development team of IEEE. But most of all it was the sem I seriously enjoyed. Watching late night movies on DC , hanging out with friends , bunking classes  and what not.

PS: DC can be read either as Direct Connect or Death Certificate depending on how you use it.

But exams were becoming terrible , cause I had to read a lot in the last few days before.  It was a short sem but truly enjoyable.  I am who I am now , due to my college , the people out here , from all parts of the country , from gaming freaks to computer geeks  , from people who do everything to people who act as if they do everything , a fantastic experience.

Holidays are good , but too many of them can be a pain in the neck , that is why I am boring you with this long post.

That is how my first year went.Some dreams on , some off , some cherished , some perished , some squashed , some trying to live , some struggling to see the light of the day.But that is life. You’ve got to move on.


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