A nut or a bolt?

Well,I haven’t posted any non-pythonic stuff till now,and one of my seniors posted about his experience in our department and it fueled me to do the same [Decent way of saying copied idea] . It was almost a month since I had gone to college , and people around me kept saying that they had got selected in various clubs and stuff, and me I felt like I was nowhere.And one day there was this poster in our hostel notice board which said is technicality your cup of tea or something. I knew that it would be nice to learn stuff,but i had zero technical experience before.And then I remembered,a few days after I had come to campus  I was casually talking to this guy who told me I know c, c++ ,java,what do you know? I told him I know English (Ya poor joke,I know,beware,many more to come). I had zero percent confidence of making it into any department let alone a technical one.

I always wanted to join a literary club , but I felt my writing skills were going down [as you can see from this post,and my technical report writing grade which would seriously screw my gpa this sem]

P.S: GPA means Grade Point Access or Graveyards per annum or something like that which is an effective way of branding students.Students with a gpa greater than 9.0 are termed as nerds who do nothing but studying, and those with a gpa with less than 4.0 are Gods who know the secrets of the universe.

Coming back to the point , I thought I would sit for inductions , no matter what.

First question as predicted:

Have you had any technical experience before?

I thought of writing something sarcastic,but I knew it would seriously screw my chances which were already very low.

Then I came across this question to draw a nut and bolt and write below which is which.Should have been easy.But I got confused.Is this a nut ?Is that a bolt? Yea.I am a nut. Oh f#!$. The other questions seemed logical and I knew had a 50-50 chance , and just like BITSAT I was just hoping it was my 50. After that there was a mini interview where a senior from the department , would look at the answers and ask you questions again. He was kind to me and by his expressions I knew I had got most of the questions right.My gut feeling told me I would make it to the next round.

I was shortlisted to the next round,which was to be held in the audi.I went without preparing because I thought all questions would be logical.When I went to the audi there were two seniors talking.One of them had something like a nest on top of his head.I thought he must be lucky since he need not carry anything and could just put stuff there (Hope he doesn’t read this post). And then a senior called me,I was surrounded by a group of seniors.The first question they asked me was look at the lights over there ,are they hot sources of light or cold sources? Confidence level down to zero.And then I remembered one of the tricks I used to play in school ,ask the teacher the same question she asks me.I asked them back ,so you want me to tell you if those were hot sources of light or not?Apparently that wasn’t working.Question after question it seemed like I was writing jee 10 times tougher [Now JEE is supposedly canceled by a lunatic named Kapil Sibal but thats a different story].I just promised them I would work hard if I was selected.

Strange things happen in life.The notice board outside my hostel told me that I was officially a Backstage member.I felt happy that I would be helping seniors who knew almost every damn thing (or atleast they pretended to know).And then one year full of experiences from a friend teaching me how to hold a tester properly,friends telling me you are in Backstage and you don’t know this,guilt when I am sometimes afraid to check out what’s wrong when something goes haywire in the lt’s ,receiving shocks to department outings (I missed the first one though) and fighting with my friends on who gets to handle sound.A new year beckons.

P.S : Sorry for the long post.



  1. Sneha Bajaj · · Reply

    its Grade Point Average!!!!

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