Monthly Archives: June 2012

A simple database-contacts app

Hello. I was actually trying to build a sms – cum – database api using way2sms but I got stuck at this point. So I thought I would finish the database part of my app first using gtk and shelve. As simple as that , my main window contains two buttons , two entry […]

A nut or a bolt?

Well,I haven’t posted any non-pythonic stuff till now,and one of my seniors posted about his experience in our department and it fueled me to do the same [Decent way of saying copied idea] . It was almost a month since I had gone to college , and people around me kept saying that they had […]

Import tweepy

Tweepy is a module used to parse twitter easily and it is awesome First your twitter application should be registered, this blog gives a step-by-step procedure for installation. . After registering your app,try this Works like a charm!!.And remember not to give ur access or consumer keys to anyone for they may misuse it. […]