How(Why) I installed Ubuntu in my father’s laptop

Reliance Broadband worked well on Windows.But on Linux Mint it simply wouldn’t connect no matter what.So i read a few blogs on what to do.Most of them asked to install some wv-dial and a few other packages and edit some configuration file and then it would work.But I was lazy to do all that!!!

So I thought of installing Ubuntu on my father’s laptop.It was pretty simple.

1.Download Power-Iso and make an image of the ubuntu version available on

2.Download unetbootin and use it to make your formatted pen-drive bootable.

3.Boot from your pendrive and follow the installation steps given.

Its as simple as that.And yeah broadband was working without adding any other packages.

P.S:My dad is a biologist.And he never used his laptop for anything except checking his mail.He got quite a shock when he saw Ubuntu installed in his laptop.And it increased when I told him you just have to do sudo install to install any packages.Ah! Sweet Revenge!!!He made me cut my hair which I had grown for 6 months


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