I just wrapped up Google Summer of Code for the last time (at least as a student). Most of the times it was playing catch up , learning while doing and hacking till it works. This surely takes more time then formal learning but it definitely is more fun. Most of the work involves MLlib […]

It’s been a long time since I blogged about anything. (My last post was around 10 months ago). This is not because I had nothing to blog about, but I could not get myself to write something useful. Taking that as an opportunity for another shameless self plug, I will be working on MLlib, a […]

Hi, I was postponing the last post for the last of my Pull Requests to get merged. Now since it got merged, I do not have any reason to procrastinate. This is the work that I have done across summer, with a short description of each, (Just in case you were wondering why the “another” […]

Hi, It has been a long time since I had posted something on my blog. I had the opportunity to participate in the scikit-learn sprint recently, with the majority of the core-developers. The experience was awesome, but most of the time I had no idea what people were talking about, and I realised I have […]

Hi, The first part of the last few days of have been the most productive and the last part well not so much. 1. Fixing precompute for ElasticNetCV The function argument precompute=”auto” was being unused, in ElasticNetCV as mentioned in my previous post. Setting precompute equals auto uses a gram variant of the input matrix […]

Hi. It has been another slow week, and the heat and laziness at home (holiday season) isn’t quite helping. However I did manage to do a bit of work and this post will serve as a remainder for me to complete all the work that I have accumulated by the end of next week. 1. […]

Hi, the first week of (another) Google Summer of Code has ended, and I just realised that it is not going to be a joyride. Most of this week was spent in benchmarking, and trying to complete (?) this PR and so I did not write much code. However I learnt quite a bit in […]

My proposal, Improved Linear Models (http://goo.gl/NXicvU) has been selected for GSoC 2014 mentored by Alex and Jaidev. (A coincidence that my last GSoC proposal also started with Improved). Sklearn got 4 slots this time and all the best to my fellow students (Issam, Hamzeh and Maheshakya). Thanks to Alex, Gael, Vlad and other mentors for […]

Continuing from where we left last post, we were discussing the batch gradient algorithm. The iterative formula is The most obvious way to do this in normal Python would be to run a double nested loop, one from 1 to m to sum up the partial derivative term, and the other from 1 to n. […]

Hi, before I start writing anything, I would say sorry if this article (and the forthcoming articles hopefully) seems plagiarised. It mainly is from different sources, that I’ve written in my own words, mostly for my own reference, I would really love to see someone else benefit from this too, so here we go. Lets […]